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Is there a conflict making your rehearsals less than perfect? Music Minus One
Make the most of a bad situation when a bandmate misses a rehearsal. Do you get over it, or is it a symptom of something more serious?
Customize your guitar to make it your own. Make It Your Own
Who would have guessed that this V guitar started out as a vintage Guild S100? If you own it, make your own by customizing your instrument to fit your needs.
How to make money from free gigs Make Money From Free Gigs
It may seem counter-intuitive, but there's money to be made from performing the occasional free gig or open mic. Other bands are doing it; you should, too.
A 12-string guitar not only sounds great, but it adds showmanship to your act. Favorite 12 String Guitar Songs
A 12-string guitar not only adds a new sonic dimension to your setlist, it also looks great from an audience's perspective.
Every band needs a manager and quite often a booking agent. Finding a Booking Agent
Does the manager get the gigs, or do you hire a booking agent? If you're on the hunt for more and better gigs, here are some tips on getting your act ready so you make a favorable first impression.
How's your banter? How's Your Banter?
Are you remembering to entertain your audience in between songs? If not, or if your banter is in need of a makeover, check out these tips for putting some zing into your act.
Add amazing band photos to your press kit and band site with these simple tips. Great DIY Band Photos
Whether you hire a professional photographer, or shoot them yourself, now your band can have great photos in print and on the web by following these simple tips.

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