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Help for Naming Your Band
By Brett McCarron

Can't think of a clever band name? How about one or two ... billion ... ideas to get you started?

A band name can make or break a group. Is it memorable? Clever? Does it make a person want to see the band without having seen the group before? Does it match the genre of the music you're playing?

"Bill's Frozen Ghost Turd Army" may have been a hoot of a name when you guys were in junior high school, but I'm guessing you could do better now. Then again, that name may be memorable enough. But from the name, who would know that your band is an Air Supply tribute act? If I plunked down a $5 cover charge for my wife and I to watch, I'd be disappointed. Sorry guys, you need a new name. Really.

That's why I developed BANG: a free online program that does nothing but generate random band names. Even if you don't need a name for your group, it's a heckuva lot of fun to try out. There's nothing to install, no signup ... just click and pick!

Try the Band Automatic Name Generator (BANG)

When your band decides to pick a band name, don't you hate giving up your best name creations early in the process? If you're like most of us, those first names get shot down in flames.

Why not mention half a dozen names that BANG picked out for you instead? That way, you keep the name you really want to propose until the later rounds when your bandmates finally get serious about taking a vote and find they've run out of good names to consider.

BANG is an improved version of a program I originally distributed on floppy diskettes in the early 1990s. There was no Internet back then, and disks were the way to go. Now instead of having to wait for me to mail a copy to you, you can access billions of band name combinations from your computer desk or mobile phone. Pretty cool!

If you strike it rich because of your great new name, give a mention to my creation in your liner notes or on your website or FaceBook page. That's thanks enough... and good karma for both of us!


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