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Get More Out Of Your Band Practice and Rehearsal Time

Here are a baker's dozen practical tips, tricks and suggestions to keep your band rehearsals running smoothly.

  1. Do your home work. If you're learning a new song, practice it outside of the band's rehearsal time. If you're one of two guitarists in the band, is each guitarist to learn the entire song? Or does one learn the rhythm and the other the solo guitar parts? If it's a cover song, are you to learn it note-for-note, in the style of, or will it be a totally new arrangement? If everyone is prepared, this gives you more time together and makes practice more enjoyable for everyone.

  2. Be on time. Being late to practice takes time away from the rest of the band. It may also cause you stress, which can result in high blood pressure later in life, and perhaps your ejection from the band. Some groups charge their members a small fee for being late. A quarter or a dollar for lateness helps build a band fund that can be spent on a dinner meeting, party, or a repair fund if a piece of band gear gets broken. And if you're going to be really late, call one of the other band members to let them know!

  3. Buy a second amplifier (or drum set or keyboard or ...). Keep the heaviest amp (or drum set) at the practice studio. This saves you the time to unplug the guitar and AC mains cords, slip on a cover (you do use a cover, right?), transport the amp from the practice facility to your car, load the amp in your car, unload the amp from the car (to deter theft and keep the controls from getting "static-y"), haul the amp to your home, take off the cover, and connect the amp. Keep one amp set up in the studio and one at home and you'll save time, wear and tear on your amp, your car and your body! If you do decide to sell an amp, it'll be in better physical condition, which will result in a higher resale or trade-in value, too!

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