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Routined Magic by Senor MardoRoutined Magic
by Senor Mardo

From the author of White Sorcery and Applause comes this book of fifteen excellent routines, moves and effects, that has the experts singing its praises.

Two classics of magic: the Cups and Balls and the Egg Bag, are beautifully routined and patiently explained in text and illustrations, as only Senor Mardo can. Experts in magic agree that Mardo's "new thinking" in these routines make them a knockout addition to most any performer's act.

You get over a dozen effects and moves with coins, silks, thimbles, balls, cigarettes and a complete explanation of Mardo's improved gimmick for the Chinese Rice Bowls that will make you want to add it to your show. This is baffling, thrilling, entertaining magic with headline appeal!

Here's a partial list of contents:

  • Mardo's Egg Bag Routine
  • The Glass Mystery
  • The Homing Ball
  • The Shaker Penetration
  • Strange Dr. Hoffman
  • Mardo's Cups and Ball Routine
  • Sleights Suitable for Sponge or Billiard Balls
    • The Flight
    • The Fist Drop
    • The Scoop
    • The Pounding
  • A Thimble Routine
  • A Thimble Acquitment
  • The Perfect Rice Bowls
  • A Move with the Coin Rattle Box
  • The Crystal Casket
  • ... AND MORE!

But don't just take our word for it. Here's what some of the best minds in magic have to say about Routined Magic:

"Lovers of intimate magic will find many items of interest. Routines with the egg bag, cups and balls, and thimbles are especially good. Mardo demonstrated a few of his moves with the egg bag for me while I was in New York. This one item is worth far more than the price of the book."   — J. G. Thompson, Jr.

"Good, solid magic."   — Al Baker

"Smooth, workable routines. You're sure to find at least one item you'll use."   — Sid Lorraine

"This is no mere book of explanations. It tells the reader how to perform the tricks well. One of the best books of the season."   — Dariel Fitzkee

Magic Wold revised edition features a new chapter, plus additional content.

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