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Applause by Senor MardoApplause
by Senor Mardo

From the author of Routined Magic comes this book of sixteen beautiful routines, moves and effects that, like the title says, will earn you plenty of audience applause.

Most of the audience-pleasing routines use props that you likely already own, such as a Vanishing Cane, Comedy Funnel, Liquid Appear, silks, rope, magic wand, and other standard items.

Plus, Mardo tips a trio of coin effects that use standard coins and a modicum of sleights to accomplish the magic. And a swell card flourish that was later featured in the movie "The Sting," starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford.

Here's a partial list of contents:

  • (Al) Baker's Fiesta
  • Cane in Newspaper
  • Vanishing Cane (Johnny Jones Version)
  • Liquid Levitation
  • Eight Pieces of Eight
  • Mardo's Migratory Coins
  • Sil-Sol
  • Liquid Melange
  • Count Again, Please
  • Ring on the Stick
  • A Smart Opening
  • Bubble Magic
  • Thumb Tie Extraordinary
  • Twin Bucksaw Flourish
  • Copper and Silver
  • Cut Yourself A Smoke

"Another bulls-eye by Senor Mardo. [He] has a sense of humor and timing which makes all of his routines not only interesting but entertaining." (Ed W. Dart)

"Well-devised routines... should prove useful to many magicians." (Paul Fleming)

"Comedic magicians will make use of the 'Cut Yourself A Smoke' effect, by remarking, 'I was walking downtown earlier today and I caught a whiff of what smelled like someone burning rope. And that gave me an idea for this...' I like it!" (T. A. Whitney)

Revised and updated reprint of the 1947 print edition. Includes important edits, clarifications and updates, with two new chapters.

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