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White Sorcery by Senor Mardo
White Sorcery
by Senor Mardo

Acclaimed by experts, Senor Mardo reveals 19 choice close-up and platform magic miracles in this "lost classic."

It's not black magic, it's . . . White Sorcery!

Mardo's wizardry with new effects and novel takes on existing magic makes this a worthy addition to any performer's library of legerdemain.

Here's a partial list of contents:

  • A Coin Routine
  • A New Rope Cut Technique
  • Another Rope Cut Technique
  • The Vanishing Light
  • Booming the Aces
  • Rose
  • The Nudist End
  • Television Technique
  • The Ball and Vase
  • Matching the Colors
  • Dye Tube Routine
  • The Adams Block
  • The Yarn
  • Three Out Of One Equals Four
  • The Milk and the Sweets
  • The Raising Card
  • Strippathy (A Card Location)
  • Sponges: A Routine
  • Fan-Eggery
  • Champagne Bubbles

Suggested patter is provided, as are over 30 illustrations. Aside from 19 audience-pleasing effects and routines, Mardo also includes professional advice on performing magic for television.

But don't just take our word for it. Read what the experts have to say about "White Sorcery":

"I found this book interesting and the material practical."   — Dariel Fitzkee (GENII magazine)

"There is a very effective coin routine [and] a rising card method ... which, to the best of our knowledge, has never been published. Having used it, we can guarantee its effectiveness. "   — Geo. Armstrong (The Magic Wand)

"Practical material."   — Dariel Fitzkee (GENII magazine)

"Sound advice on effective presentations for both "flesh" and television audiences. I recommend it."   — John Braun (The Linking Ring)

"Mardo has come up with a few honeys, any one of which is a bargain, considering the price of the book. You'll find much magic and advice here you'll like."   — John J. Crimmins, Jr. (Hugard's Magic Monthly)

PDF format. 39 pages + supplement. Revised and updated reprint of the 1951 print edition. Includes important edits, clarifications and updates. ($8 US)

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