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Omar's Prophecies by Dr. Stanley Jaks and J. G. Thompson Jr. Omar's Prophecies
by Dr. Stanley Jaks and J. G. Thompson, Jr.

Dr. Jaks' Triple Prediction miracle and other mental subtleties are clearly explained in this must-have manuscript for mentalists and psychic entertainers.

Dr. Jaks, the brilliant mind behind the Supersonic Prediction and the Jaks Billet Knife, devised a devilishly clever Triple Prediction. Now, J. G. Thompson's clear instructions enable YOU to perform this amazing demonstration.

Plus, you also get additional chapters on Jaks' techniques for: his billet knife, Chuck Smith's M-T Pad, a devastating card mental test for stage, and how Jaks would stretch the truth to turn a terrific prediction into a mind-blowing spectator experience.

The Triple Prediction effect, as performed by Jaks, was a mastery of audience management. Learn his tips and techniques for both close-up and stage presentations.

Also included is one of the gems of the book, a routine with the Brainwave Deck that borders on the miraculous. This one effect is bound to be the hit of any mentalist's repertoire. It will send the spectators home, talking for days about this demonstration.

These are the subtleties and gems that made Dr. Jaks an outstanding mentalist, putting his act high above the average performer. Now you, too, can benefit from his knowledge.

Written by acclaimed author-mentalist J. G. Thompson, Jr., who brought you "My Best" and co-authored "Futuristic Foursome" and "Telepathic Trio." This is a psychic masterpiece that you will use!

"Having known Dr. Jaks personally, we knew this would be a good one. It is typical of his genius. Contains more for your money than many books we have read."
          --Don Tanner in Hugard's Magic Monthly

"You write predictions for three spectators, before their very eyes [and] never fail to predict their selections. All the subtleties employed so successfully by Dr. Jaks are explained, as well as other valuable information. Recommended!"
          --John Braun in The Linking Ring

PDF format. 21 pages + supplement. Revised and updated reprint of the 1960 Ed Mellon edition, includes additional chapters, new tips and all text reset in crystal-clear digital type. ($8 US)

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