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Futuristic Foursome by Clever & Thompson (REVISED EDITION)Futuristic Foursome
by Clever & Thompson

Here are four mind-blowing card effects with a mental flavor. All are in keeping with the well-known ingenuity of these two artists (Eddie Clever and J. G. Thompson, Jr.). Every one of the effects is top notch.

Magicians and mentalists everywhere raved about this collection when it was first released. Long out of print, this manuscript is now available to a new generation of performers.

  1. Hallucination, Jr. (Clever) - The adventures of the card everyone is thinking about provides a baffling mystery and leaves the spectators talking to themselves in amazement, as the chosen card somehow leaves the table and materializes in the spectator's pocket.

  2. Thoughts at Work (Thompson) - A mental tug-of-war between two spectators results in a surprising climax.

  3. Not by Chance (Clever) - A card is selected, initialed by a spectator, and placed inside a manila envelope. The performer writes a prediction of his own and places it inside the envelope. When the envelope is opened, the performer's prediction is shown to match the initialled selected card!

  4. Tangible Intangible - the perfect think-of-a-card trick using two decks of cards. It really looks like a miracle!

Are you a Nelson collector? The original manuscript was listed as No. 321 in the Nelson Enterprises Catalog. Now you can add this must-have book to your collection.

"Will add much to your program and reputation."   -- Robert A. Nelson

"Unusually effective."   -- Max Holden

"'Tangible Intangible' is one of the best think-of-a-card tricks I have ever come across."
-- John Braun

"A quartet of card effects that have that 'little different' touch. All are practical and novel. We like 'Hallucination, Jr.' wherein a mentally selected card vanishes from a group of five and appears in the spectator's pocket."   -- Sid Lorraine, Tops magazine review

Magic World revised edition features three new chapters, plus illustrations and additional text not included in the original printing.

This book is offered in both digital and print editions.
(A) Get the digital edition from, or

(B) Get the print edition from House of Mystery Books.


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