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Telepathic Trio by Clever & Thompson (REVISED EDITION)Telepathic Trio
by Clever & Thompson

Thompson and Clever unite again to bring you three baffling mental mysteries that you and your audiences will enjoy.

Magicians and mentalists everywhere raved about this collection when it was first released. Long out of print, this revised manuscript is once again available to a new generation of performers.

  1. Sh-h-h-h-h-h! (Clever) - A spectacular blindfold mystery with secret agent patter. Audience members tear a spectator-written letter to shreds and hand the pieces to the performer behind his back. The performer, unable to see the pieces or even discern which side is up, unfailingly places them in the correct order on a sheet of glass, which is handed to the spectator to confirm it is the actual letter he wrote!

  2. Double Check (Thompson) - A spectator fills in a bank check, which is folded and placed in a drinking glass. The performer then reproduces on a second check the information that the spectator wrote! No impressions or electronics. This is fiendishly clever and can be used for other tests, as well.

  3. Thought Parade (Clever) - Ten envelopes, each bearing the name of a song and its position on the current Top 40 list, are handed to the audience to seal into envelopes. The performer, standing on the other side of the stage or room, asks that a spectator mix the sealed envelopes then hold them up individually, one by one. After a few envelopes have been selected, the performer cries, "Stop--THAT is the envelope containing the Number One song!" The envelope is opened and indeed it is!

  4. Thought Parade Method II (Thompson) - A second, completely different method of accomplishing the same effect for those performers who like bold presentations.

Are you a Nelson collector? The original manuscript was listed as No. 317 in Nelson Enterprises Catalog No. 21. Now you can add this must-have book to your collection.

"Excellent and baffling mental effects."   -- Robert A. Nelson

"Quite a trio it is!"   -- Sid Lorraine

"Three effective, fairly easy and unusual effects. With proper showmanship, each trick should be sensational."   -- John Mulholland, The Sphinx

PDF format. 20 pages + supplement. Magic World revision of the 1946 limited edition, featuring important updates and clarifications not included in the original printing. We are proud to add this title to our library of important texts for mental workers, psychic entertainers and magicians.

This book is offered in both digital and print editions.
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(B) Get the print edition from House of Mystery Books.


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