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Exclusive Tricks by Sam BerlandExclusive Tricks
by Sam Berland

Berland and friends bring you sixteen beautiful effects using silks, balls, cards, canes, watches, cigarettes, liquid, and more in this updated and expanded edition.

Long out of print, this manuscript contains a pair of mysteries by Tenkai, as well as several baffling effects by Berland, as well as some choice bits by his friends.

Partial contents:

  • The Homing Cup of Lemonade
  • Popping Silk
  • Challenge Quadruple Cigarette Vanish
  • Samson Cane Trick
  • Vanishing and Reappearing Thimble
  • Watch and Chain to Handkerchief
  • Double Color Change
  • Flash Cigarette Package to Box of Matches
  • Tenkai Figure Eight Rope Trick
  • Adcock's Addition
  • Harry's Marvelous Prediction
  • Tenkai Cigarette to Pocket
  • Cameo Ball and Cigarette Surprise
  • Color Changing Billiard Ball Routine
  • Production of Three Lit Cigarettes
  • Penetrating Cigarette Through Coat
  • and more!

Forty illustrations and crystal clear descriptions cover every move.

"The sixteen tricks described are all good; those with cigarettes being outstanding."
  --Tom Bowyer

PDF format. 37 pages + supplement. Revised and updated reprint of the 1935 first edition. Includes important edits, clarifications and updates. ($8 US)

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