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More of Berland's Exclusive Tricks by Sam Berland
More of Berland's Exclusive Tricks
by Sam Berland

Here are more brilliantly conceived magical effects for platform, TV and stage by that master of amazement, Samuel Berland.

Long out of print, this slim volume fills a need for commercial, visual magic that makes the performer look like ... well ... a magician!

Just look at what's included:


  • PERFECT RESTORED BILL. A torn and restored effect with a borrowed, marked bill.

  • RABBIT OR BOWL OF WATER PRODUCTION. A clever production effect, easy to make and perform.

  • CHALLENGE JUMBO CARD TRANSPOSITION. Two jumbo cards change places. Cards can be examined before and after.

  • KNIFE THRU COAT WITH NEW VARIATIONS. Berland revisits one of his favorite effects that, with this presentation, becomes a platform sensation.

  • DOUBLE SHOT VANISH. Two liquid-filled shot glasses vanish from your hands and leave them gasping.

  • IMPROMPTU THIMBLE PRODUCTION. Produce a metal thimble on each finger without any gimmicks.

Every trick is expertly illustrated by Thomas Libonati. This is a book that clearly and carefully teaches every trick. These are miracles that you will be proud to perform.

"This Knife Through Coat method is brilliant. I ask, 'I hope you purchased the optional damage waiver insurance on this jacket?' The laughs are practically built in. A riot anywhere, but even better with a rented tux at a wedding or banquet."   --T. A. Whitney

PDF format. 28 pages + supplement. Revised and updated reprint of the 1961 first edition. Includes important edits, clarifications and updates. ($8 US)

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