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Berland's Blue Ribbon Card Tricks by Samuel BerlandBerland's Blue Ribbon Card Tricks
by Samuel Berland

Twenty-five complete card miracles and moves with over 100 illustrations!

Top performers including Bob Hummer, Dai Vernon, Arthur Buckley, Dr. Harlan Tarbell and others reveal their favorite card effects here for the first time.

Here are new effects, for close-up, parlor and stage presentation. Ready-to-work effects, sleights, color changes, revelations and clever routines that you will be proud to perform.

One hundred pen-and-ink illustrations by master artist Thomas Libonati make everything clear.


  • Before the Shuffle
  • Five Card Baffle (Hummer)
  • One Hand Visible Card Change (Berland)
  • In the Hat (“Doc” Daugherty)
  • Surprise Card Through Case (Arthur Buckley)
  • Graphite Match Box Daub (Hummer)
  • Where Do I Stop? (Berland)
  • As a Card Force (Berland)
  • Escape of the Jack (Hummer)
  • One of the Fifty-Two (Hummer)
  • Stab in the Pack (Berland)
  • Stab in the Pack (Second Method)
  • Fingertip Card Reading (Berland)
  • A Sealed Mystery (Berland)
  • Gambler’s One Hand Poker Deal (Berland)
  • Intelligent Aces (Arthur Buckley)
  • Mis-mated Cards (Berland)
  • Informing Envelope (Tarbell)
  • Reversed Prophecy (Berland)
  • Cards Go Straight (Berland)
  • Spectator’s Selection (Arthur Buckley)
  • Buckley’s Red and Black Shuffle
  • Double Color Change (Berland)
  • Improved Diagonal Palm Shift (Jack Hecht)
  • Rising Card . . . Again (Berland)
  • Scrambled Egg and Card (Berland)
  • About the Author

But don't take our word for it. Read what the experts are saying about this must-have book:

"Berland's Blue Ribbon Card Tricks abounds in excellent card material."
--William W. Larsen in GENII

"The effects are very good and there are a number of real novelties. The methods are not difficult for anyone accustomed to performing card sleights. Very worthwhile."
--John Mulholland in The Sphinx

"Bob Hummer and Arthur Buckley are well represented in this collection. There are improved sleights; new twists; novel effects; and complete routines. Any card man will find much to please him."   -- Sid Lorraine in TOPS

Are you a Nelson collector? This book was listed as No. 1016 in the Nelson Enterprises catalog.

PDF format. 59 pages + supplement. Revised and updated reprint of the original Berland Magic Creations edition. Includes a new chapter and bonus material. All text and illustrations have been edited for clarity and presented in crystal clear digital type. ($10 US)

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