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Centermental by J. G. Thompson, Jr. Centermental
by J. G. Thompson, Jr.

A much-needed treatise devoted to the mentalist's greatest aid: the Center Tear.

In this book, the "center tear" is dissected and explained with all the typical Thompson thoroughness. You'll learn:

  • Methods of getting the data written in the right spot
  • Methods of doing the tearing the billet
  • Methods of performing the steal
  • Methods of and timing for the all-important "read"
  • PLUS many hints, suggestions, routines and "outs" as used by working professionals.
If you use the "center-tear" principle (and you should), you'll find in CENTERMENTAL many valuable variations for your routine.

If you're not using the "tear" principle, you're missing a good thing. CENTERMENTAL will give you all the information you need to know to start using this essential tool of the psychic entertainer.

Written by acclaimed author-mentalist J. G. Thompson, Jr., who brought you "Extrasensory Perfection" and co-authored "Futuristic Foursome" and "Telepathic Trio."

Are you a Nelson collector? This book was sold as No. 659 by the Nelson Enterprises and appeared in their 1963 catalog flier.

Format: Print book. 24 pages.
Revised edition includes new content, additional chapters and updates.

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