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With Two Decks (REVISED EDITION) by Howard P. AlbrightWith Two Decks
by Howard P. Albright

This hard-to-find manuscript from the author of A Message from the Sky, features a trio of effects that each use two different-colored decks. These are audience-tested effects that will leave the spectators talking, long after the performance.

RED AND BLUE EN RAPPORT - You exhibit a red-backed deck of cards and a blue-backed deck. A spectator is handed one of the decks and shuffles them. You do likewise with your deck. A suit is chosen. Both of you remove the 13 cards of the selected suit from your deck. Each 13-card packet is then placed in its own houlette or wine glass. One at a time, the top card of pack is removed from its glas, and amazingly enough, each pair matches! One card is found reversed in each deck at the same point, and those cards match, as well! The cards are truly en rapport!

RED AND BLUE SYMPATHETC FLIGHT - A red and blue deck are both exhibited to the audience. The spectator selects a card from the red deck and turns it face up in her pack. When the blue deck is again shown, a card has magically turned itself face up. Yes, it is the mate to the spectator's selected card! But wait! Each deck is placed in its own wine glass, several feet apart from each other. At a command from the performer, the red-backed card flies into the blue deck and vice versa! A double sensation!

ASTOUNDING COINCIDENCE - A blue-backed deck is fanned and shown front and back and placed in a wine glass. A red-backed deck is likewise shown, shuffled, and a card selected from it. The spectator herself reverses the chosen card in the pack, then shuffles and cuts it. This deck is placed in a second wine glass. One at a time, a card is removed from each deck until the red-backed, reversed card is seen. By some strange coincidence, at this same location, a blue-backed reversed card is found. When the cards are turned over, they are identical! An astounding coincidence!

No rough and smooth, short or long cards, difficult sleight of hand or specially-printed cards are used. The effects can be used individually or together as a routine. These card miracles will slay your audience!

Magic World revised edition includes additional chapters and content.

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