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A Message from the Sky (REVISED EDITION) by Howard P. AlbrightA Message from the Sky
by Howard P. Albright

Here's an outstanding routine for psychic entertainers to provide a personal Zodiac reading.

This routine will leave your client breathless! It seems incredible that you are able to divine so much information.

This attractive book contains seven practical, tested methods expressly for use under close-up and impromptu conditions, such as you will encounter at clubs, parties and private engagements.

This presentation is an absolute "must have" for your mentalism library for those opportunities where you can't rely on mechanical gimmicks or pre-show work.

No previous knowledge of astrology is required, nor are great memorization skills needed.

No assistants, lobby workers or other help is required, either. This is a true, one-person act.

P. Craig Browning, in his "Introduction to the Art of the Seance" monograph, picked this is one of two routines he highly recommends for the Q&A or Crystal Gazing entertainer (the other is Nelson's "Visions of Tomorrow").

Magic World revised edition featuring two new chapters and additional added material. Well illustrated.

This book is offered in both digital and print editions.
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