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Tips on Tricks by Milbourne ChristopherTips on Tricks
by Milbourne Christopher

Christopher reveals his favorite tips, ideas, gags, patter and effects from his own shows. Get more from the magic you already own!

Divided into three parts, you get Tips on Tricks; Nite Club Magic (featuring suggestions from the author and Russell Swann); and Up From the Audience--a chapter of practical tips for getting the best audience helpers up on stage to assist you.

A wealth of practical, tested material for any performer, written by the author who brought you Stretching A Rope. One of the finest values in magic.

"[A] non-padded presentation of bits, gags and "business" that any active wizard can and will use."   -- Sid Lorraine

"Club and stage performers will find this a good source for ideas, smart presentations, and those extra little bits that add to a live performance."   -- Lloyd E. Jones in The Bat


  • Introduction
  • A Surprise Opening
  • Watch the Handkerchief
  • The Secret Snake
  • Vanishing Alarm Clock
  • Up in Flames
  • Cafeteria Close-Up
  • Wintery Wind-Up
  • Propaganda Payoff
  • Magical Marksmanship
  • Silent Fourth
  • Chalk One Up
  • Cigarette Holder to Silk
  • Single Stamp
  • Wand Suggestion
  • Scotch Finish
  • And How
  • Opening Lines
  • Flash Flowers
  • Tied Up
  • Encore
  • Square Circle Suggestion
  • Two Toppers
  • Ronald the Magic Rabbit
  • Telltale Flower
  • It Shrinks
  • Dolling Up the Doll House
  • Fancy Finish
  • Clear Count
  • Making Money
  • The Go-Between
  • Further “Out of this World”
  • No More Gas
  • Zipper Banana
  • Papa Gag
  • Pencil Tip for Mentalists
  • Getting the Bird
  • Sagacious Rabbit
  • Rope Openings
  • Sock Finish
  • Patriotic Bunny
  • Into the Stretch
  • Rubber Covers
  • Cigarette Tips
  • A Blare of Trumpets
  • A Pin Please
  • Introducing the Magician
  • Rising Cane
  • Vanishing Glass
  • Successful Conclusion
  • Money to Burn
  • Bullet Catching
  • Spilled Goldfish
  • Premiere
  • Super Set
  • Red, Yellow or Blue
  • The Lemon Again
  • Spectator-to-Stage Strategy
  • Getting Numbers
  • Mustache Tipoff
  • Taking Advantage
  • The Too-Helpful Helper
  • Surprising Assistants
  • After Piece
  • About the Author
  • Thank You
  • Suggested Titles

PDF format. Revised and updated edition of the original 1942 Berland first printing. Includes scores of edits, clarifications and updates, additional illustrations and one new suggestion. Completely reset in crystal clear digital type. 52 pages. ($3 US)

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