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Tommy Windsor's Street Faker ActTommy Windsor's Street Faker Act

Here's a great change of pace routine for the magician -- an act that parodies the medicine pitchman. Audiences love it ... and you will, too!

The author includes his EXACT routine, including every bit of the hilarious patter and buts of business that made Tommy's act a laugh riot on stages from coast to coast.

Not burlesque, but a clean comedy "pitch" act that can be performed in churches and schools as well as lodges and clubs! Full of laughs, but not a "blue" gag in the lot. A riot of fun but contains nothing to offend anyone!

You sell and demonstrate "Dr. Presto's Magical Medicines for Mysterious Maladies," and when you show them what "Princess Feather Flowers' Indian Elixir" will do . . . they'll laugh even harder, yet will enjoy the magic.

Provides not only the spiel or patter, but tells exactly what tricks to use, makes suggestions about using apparatus you already have, and even tells you how to place the tricks in your suitcase. The tricks fit the patter . . . fifteen tricks in fifteen minutes.

Carry it in a single bag. Fix it all up before you leave home, walk right on stage and do it. And, you're all ready to go back home when the act is finished. You'll love it . . . and you'll love performing it!

A one-person act; no assistants needed. Can be performed "in one" while other acts are setting up behind the curtain. Every versatile performer understands the value of a second act to get through the "slow times" in your booking calendar. Get this!

NOTE: This is a completely different act than the author's Suitcase Side Show presentation. Get both and have two different acts you can perform for repeat dates!

"Really effective." --A. L. Baldwin in The Linking Ring

"One of the most original magic routines I have ever seen." --Dariel Fitzkee in Genii

"This is FUNNY. YOU can do it. We can't add anything to the praise this act has already received, but we can urge you to BUY it!" --Bob Weil & Eddie Clever, Linking Ring columnists

"Windsor's Street Faker Act is one of the finest pieces of comedy magic which we have ever seen." --Edward Dart in Conjuror's magazine

"Tommy is a smart performer and his 'Street Faker Act' is a riot." --Julien J. Proskauer

PDF format. Revised and expanded version of the 1947 Windsor Studios edition. Includes important edits and updates, as well as three new chapters. Completely reset in crystal clear type. 27 pages + supplement. ($6 US)

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