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Suitcase Side Show by Tommy WindsorSuitcase Side Show
by Tommy Windsor

Here's something different for the club or platform magician -- a NEW act that will get you more bookings!

Now you, too, can perform an immensely entertaining CARNIVAL PITCH ACT that uses effects you most likely already own.

Contains comedy magic, patter and routines enough for three changes of program. The act is based on a premise of the performer playing the role of a sideshow barker, complete with spiel.

Lots of the author's time and money went into this book, which was three years in preparation as the material was polished and refined in actual performance.

If you've ever wanted to adopt a stage persona similar to Harry Anderson's "Harry the Hat" character, now you can. Your audience will love this act, from start to finish as you demonstrate effects from the carnival "10-in-1" sideshow on the midway.

A totally one-person act; no assistants needed. Can be performed "in one" while other acts are setting up behind the curtain. Every versatile performer understands the value of a second act to get through the "slow times" in your booking calendar. Get this!


  • Credits
  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Sid Lorraine's Letter
  • Explanation
  • What It's All About
  • The Character You Play
  • Banners
  • Your Table, Props & Sign
  • Points of Superiority
  • Opening Patter
  • Opening Gimmick
  • Closing Patter
  • Closing Gimmick
  • ELECTRA, The Electric Girl
  • FATIMA, The Dancing Girl
  • ZAZA, The Fee-Jee Mermaid
  • ZOMBO, Wild Man from Borneo
  • RAJAH, The Big Snake
  • SWAMI RIBBER The Mindreader
  • 3 CARD MONTE, The Old Army Game
  • KARDO, The Kard King
  • ZIS & ZAT, The Elastic Twins (with camera-ready art)
  • Alternate Gags & Tricks
  • About the Author

"Suitcase Side Show is a barker type act that is sure to replace many a pitch routine and inspire others to work on same." (Lloyd Jones, Genii magazine)

"The gags are authentic and sure-fire. Excellent value, as the Climax Blue Phantom is alone worth the price of the book." (John Braun, Linking Ring magazine)

"Tommy has spent a lot of time on this and has turned out a lot of novel ideas that can be used as an act or added to your existing act. Suitcase Side Show is a real bargain for any wide-awake magician on the lookout for a novelty act. The book is packed with ideas, patter and suggestions . . . recommended!" (Sid Lorraine)

Revised and expanded version includes a new chapter, plus important edits and updates.

This book is offered in both digital and print editions.
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(B) Get the print edition from House of Mystery Books.


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