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Sir Edwards $100 Horoscope Demonstration Sales Plan by Robert A. Nelson and Sir EdwardsSir Edwards' $100 Horoscope Demonstration Sales Plan
by Robert A. Nelson
and Sir Edwards

One of the rarest of offerings from the Nelson Enterprises catalog is this horoscope pitch act that sold for the equivalent of $1600 when first introduced.

Only the wealthiest of mentalists and psychic operators would have risked this huge sum in 1942, when the plan was first offered. While the steep cover price helped guarantee exclusivity, those who put the plan to use made big money with it. Now you can, too.

In this collection of six books, electronically "bound" together as one, you'll learn Sir Edwards' proven method of selling horoscopes, booklets and lucky pieces to a willing, "off-the-street" audience.

BOOK 1: Sir Edwards' Demonstration Sales Plan by Robert A. Nelson & Sir Edwards BOOK 2: Answers to Questions by Nelson & DeLawrence BOOK 3: Effective Answers to Questions by Robert A. Nelson BOOK 4: Preparing Your Personal Solar Zodiac Chart BOOK 5: Your Personal Solar Zodiac Chart (Pitch Book) with Reprint Rights BOOK 6: How to Print Your Pitch Book by B. W. McCarron

Complete with full patter presentations for the bally, merchandise offerings, convincing demonstrations and the ending lecture. Also includes a photo-illustrated description of Sir Edwards' attractive store display.

Plus, we've updated this collection with even MORE material, new chapters, additional books, and expert tips and advice. We also include an updated list of suggested items to sell and sources for obtaining same at wholesale prices.

If you're serious about adding to your bottom line by selling pitch books and other items during the hours before your theatre bookings, or to spur sales at your merchandise table or even to make this a standalone enterprise, this is the information you need.

A clever question-and-answer (Q&A) act is part of the demonstration, and is covered in detail, too. This is the "convincer" that keeps the audience entertained and in place, so that they can be converted into customers when the "pitch" begins.

Requires only the performer and an assistant to handle the sales.

Comprehensive sales plan includes:

  • Where to operate and whom to contact.
  • How to introduce the sales concept to store management.
  • How to book the act, both in advance and on the spot.
  • How to book on a percentage basis.
  • Physical setup of the sales display.
  • Pricing of individual items.
  • Incentives that cost you nothing, but greatly increase sales.
  • A full summary of each of the 12 signs of the Zodiac.
  • Suggested wardrobe for the performer and sales assistant.
  • Opening lecture.
  • The Q&A presentation, complete method and lecture.
  • How to close, complete with lecture.
  • Expected questions with detailed answers.
  • Zodiac readings for each of the 12 signs.
  • Answering private questions.
  • Sales talk for merchandise.
  • Sources of supply for merchandise and books.
  • How to recognize and avoid trick and leading questions.
  • Working a Q&A newspaper column to earn free publicity.
  • The secret to giving effective answers.
  • How to handle difficult questions if put "on the spot."
  • How to print your own pitch books for pennies on the dollar.

PLUS, we're including in this package, a camera-ready master of "Your Personal Solar Horoscope Chart," a 16-page horoscope booklet, customized for your client, with reprint rights for sales at your show.

Are you a Nelson collector? This was item No. 420 in the Nelson Enterprises catalog. Now you can fill that missing spot in your collection. (NOTE: If this deluxe, all-inclusive method plan is too much for you, Nelson later offered a stripped-down version, without any additional extra titles or pitch book, sold as The Horoscope Pitch.)

PDF format. Magic World expanded, corrected and updated reprints of the original Nelson Enterprises editions. Includes four new chapters and a wealth of updated content. All text has been reset in crystal-clear type. 282 pages + supplement, plus separate 16-page pitch book printable master file. ($100 US)

Sir Edwards' $100 Horoscope Demonstration Sales Plan is available for purchase at


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