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The Horoscope Pitch by Robert A. NelsonThe Horoscope Pitch
by Robert A. Nelson

Here's a complete selling plan for the Horoscope Pitch, where the income can run to thousands of dollars per week!

Learn how to enter this very profitable business. Detailed information on the full presentation - what is needed - what to sell, including descriptions of the best and most profitable horoscopes - where to work - how to book, terms and profit possibilities.

The investment is small and the profit potentials are tremendous. Work parks, resorts, fairs, stores, exhibitions, theatres - indoors or out of doors - in fact, wherever people gather.

This is a great venture for the man and wife team who like to travel, or for that matter, two men can do it just fine.

Not just a merchandising plan, but a complete introductory script, a convincing demonstration, and post-demonstration lecture to convert your audience into a willing throng of cash buyers — all this is included.

Now updated to include information about online horoscope resources and computer-generated deluxe readings for extra profit.

Add extra income to your existing act by introducing horoscope sales, pitch books, and other merchandise that can double your bottom line!

Are you a Nelson collector? This book was listed as No. 402 in the Nelson Enterprises catalog.

Revised and expanded version of the undated (ca 1963) Nelson Enterprises edition. Scores of corrections and updates, plus two new chapters. 40 pages + supplement. ($10 US)

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