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Quick Hypnotic Tricks by Stewart JamesQuick Hypnotic Tricks
by Stewart James
A #1 bestseller!

This book contains twelve extraordinary, pseudo-hypnotic tricks that can be performed with sensational results by anyone!

Not true hypnotism, which requires long practice and frequently fails, but cleverly disguised natural principles that are little known. One of the most unusual collections of odd information ever assembled.

So-called instantaneous hypnotic methods that depend on applying pressure to certain nerve centers to create temporary paralysis are strictly avoided in these instructions.

This series of science-baffling effects appear to be contrary to all natural laws. Deemed impossible by those who have never witnessed the phenomena; regarded as unreal by those who have seen it. The effect is that of a strange mental influence exerted over the strongest, weakening them at will. Indescribable, yet real!


  • Preface (by T. A. Whitney)
  • Introduction
  • Spectator Loses Power to Control Arm
  • Spectator Loses Power to Walk
  • Spectator Loses Power to Stand
  • Spectator Loses Power to Rise from Chair
  • Long Range Method of Above
  • Spectator Loses Power to Rise from Floor
  • Long Range Method of Above
  • Spectator Loses Power to Open Eyes
  • Spectator Loses Power to Speak Without Stammering
  • Marble and the Mirror Test
  • Turning Wheel Test
  • The Pivoting Spectator
  • About the Author
  • Thank You
  • Suggestions for Your Library

All the above sensational "hypnotic" effects can be accomplished by anyone possessing these inside secrets. These demonstrations may be performed without any previous experience. Thousands of students of magic, as well as professional entertainers, have paid as high as $25 for this information.

NOTE: Despite the similar-sounding titles, this is a different work than Robert A. Nelson's "Hypno-Trix" booklet. Even though the Nelson book also contains 12 effects, there's only one stunt in common between the two titles.

PDF format. 20 pages + supplement. Expanded reprint of the circa 1957 edition, with several corrections and updates; all reset in crystal clear, digital type. ($6 US)

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