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Perfecto One-Man Psychic Act Perfecto One-Man Psychic Act
(Revised and Expanded Edition)

Now you can perform a sealed message reading psychic act, without the use of paid accomplices of any kind. Not just one, but TWO complete presentations are thoroughly and patiently explained.

The Question-and-Answer or "Q&A" Act is one of the most riveting that the psychic entertainer can present. Your audiences will be amazed to find that the psychic performer is able to discern their thoughts ... even though their questions remain sealed and in view in a glass bowl upon the stage! And yes, their questions can be returned after the performance!

This act is the result of years of successful performances by several mentalists and psychic entertainers, distilled down into two "power house" routines: one for theatre or night club and the other for more intimate performances.

Many professional minds have contributed their experience and knowledge to create this one-man method. And, with this newly revised edition, we've added four new chapters to give you even MORE!

Includes two psychic message reading presentations, a short primer on how to answer questions, sample patter, and detailed step-by-step instructions. Can be performed in the guise of a crystal gazer who sees visions in the crystal ball, or a modern performer who apparently receives psychic impressions from the minds of his audience.

Imminently practical, doesn't depend on cumbersome mechanical aids and yet, the act can be performed under practically all conditions. Originally sold for the equivalent of $21 in today's money value.

Revised and updated reprint of the circa 1948 privately printed edition. Includes additional chapters, seven added illustrations, and other new content.

NOTE: Despite a similar-sounding title, this is not the same routine or method as the Perfection One Man Mindreading Act by Doc Brumfield (available separately).

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