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Perfection One-Man Mindreading Act by 'Doc' Brumfield Perfection One-Man Mindreading Act
by 'Doc' Brumfield

This is the act that duplicates the effects of Dunninger, perhaps the world's most famous mentalist. And best yet, no assistants are required!

EFFECT: Performer offers $1,000 to anyone who will prove he uses assistants or confederates. He states that he will pass among them slips of paper and envelopes on which they are to write phone numbers, dates, addresses, questions, etc. He states he will allow them to keep the slips in their own possession and nevertheless be able to tell what was written. He then passes the slips and envelopes and returns to the stage, asking them to place the envelopes under their feet on the floor. He then gives the contents of as many slips as time will allow. Several other tests are given.

No pads, no slit envelopes, no electronics, no carbon, alcohol or chemicals and is not the one-ahead method. Furnished is the correct and complete instructions for the entire act, including patter. Not a pipe dream and requires no practice. When this manuscript originally appeared, the publisher believed it a principle never before applied to mindreading.

Though not mentioned by name in the manuscript, there is no doubt that it is Dunninger whose effects and methods are revealed. Another famous mentalist of the 1960s and 70s also put these methods to use.

The author, a doctor and owner of the Welworth magic company, was well-known to many of the inner circle of mentalism and magic performers. Here are just a few of the rave reviews for this outstanding act, that will flabbergast today's audiences, as well as it did when first introduced:

Dr. A.M. Wilson (editor of the Sphinx): "Remarkably good effects. As I have worked them, I can vouch for their effectiveness on any audience, public or private."

Jimmy Kater: "Fine. Well pleased."

Ade Duvall: "Used two of the effects immediately on receiving the act. These alone were worth more than the price I paid for the entire act."

Crawford Trotter: "Super-excellent."

Kolar: "I have had several versions of the one-man mindreading act, but will say that the one you are putting out is the most logical and absolutely practical method. Any man with ability to put it over should be able to book this act. Looks good to me."

Amac: "Very clear and straightens up some details that have not been explained before."

Bowen: "I have bought many of my pet effects from you and this is the best yet."

B.W. McCarron: "This is easily worth three times the price, if only for the patter to a very Dunninger-esque presentation."

Revised and updated version of the circa 1927 first edition with new illustrations, author biography, and numerous editorial updates and corrections. PDF. 16 pages plus publisher suggestions. $8 US.

NOTE: Despite a similar title, this is not the same routine or method as the Perfecto One-Man Psychic Act by Anonymous.

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