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Out of the Spook Cabinet by Herman L. Weber Out of the Spook Cabinet
by Herman L. Weber

A famous theater ghost show performer reveals the secrets behind many of his hair-raising blackout stunts!

Want to host a midnight spook show? Or perhaps you want to host an entertaining seance or spooktacular ghost blackout routine in your magic act. Herman L. Weber ("Namreh") explains how to haunt a theatre with convincing ghost, spook and blackout effects that will scare the YELL out of your audience.

Introduction by Francisco, himself a famous ghost show performer.

One of the included effects, "The Floating Soul," was previously sold separately for $30 by mail. Another, "The Spectral Dragon," sold for $40! You get the full explanations and drawings for both of these spine-tingling crowd-pleasers, plus six more!

No pipe dreams of half-baked ideas, here. These were all used in actual theater spook shows. For magic history buffs, the author even lists the theatre, location, and show dates for each effect. If you're at all interested in the "spook business," you'll want to add this book to your digital shelf.

"By actual count, more than thirty dollars' worth (in 1947 dollars) of choice catalogued secrets on spook shows."

-- Lloyd E. Jones

Magic World revised edition includes a new chapter and additional illustrations.

This book is offered in both digital and print editions.
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