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35 Weird and Psychic Effects
by Clettis V. Musson

If you're looking to present something beyond the normal, this outstanding collection of mental and spirit medium effects are ones you'll perform anywhere people gather. More...

A Spook Show In Your Parlor
by Wm. W. Larsen and B. W. McCarron

Host your own entertaining seance or year-round haunted house with these frightfully spooky stunts. Be the life of the party! More...

The Final Houdini Seance
by William W. Larsen

A captivating 45- to 60-minute lecture-demonstration (that you can give) about Harry and Bess Houdini's pact to find a means of communicating with each after Harry's death. More...

Fraudulent Spirit Phenomena
by William L. Larsen (as Rev. Dr. Richard Straussberg)

Whether you want to haunt a house, perform a parlor seance, or entertain a private audience with a series of ghostly mysteries, this book shows you how to do it. More...

The Ghost Book of Dark Secrets
by Robert A. Nelson

If you've wanted to present a Midnight Theater Ghost Show — a Spirit Seance — Haunt a House — or scare the Yell out of your friends at a Ghost Party, this book tells you how!   More...

The Ghost Show Operator's Manual
by Robert A. Nelson

The hard-to-find final book of Nelson's ghost show trilogy -- now available once again and better than ever! More...

How to Book Your Act
by Keith Parr & B. W. McCarron

The authors, who've combined to give magic and mentalism performances in 30 states and Canada, reveal inside secrets that booking agents and working professionals don't want you to know! More...

How to Book Your Attraction
by Robert A. Nelson

This book will show you, as a clever mentalist, where and how you can book your show and work every day of the year! There's plenty of work for the psychic entertainer who wants to work, if he or she knows the insider secrets of booking their act in hotels, casinos, cruise ships ... More...

How to Haunt Your House
by David Eaton

Everything you need to scare the yell out of your friends and neighbors. Bwa-ha-ha! More...

How to Make a Ghost Walk
by Joseph Dunninger

Conduct your very own full-light, semi-dark or full darkness spirit séance!

Dunninger, the world-famous mentalist and psychic debunker, presents this revealing book on how to present séance experiments including rope ties, spirit manifestations, revealing questions from departed loved ones, spirit cabinet effects, automatic writing, spirit voices, the fingertip aura, a billet switch, table raps, the bottled spirit test and much more ... More...

Last Train to Spookville
by Andrade and McCarron

A four-act spirit seance in a box! A bell placed in a wooden cabinet rings out answers to questions. A handkerchief takes on life and moves about the cabinet, even flying outside! A pair of slates reveals an answer to a thought-of question. For a finale, spirit writing appears on three sheets of paper in a fruit jar, placed inside the cabinet in plain sight. The spirits describe the results of psychic tests and also provide a description of one of the audience committee! More...

The London Midnight Ghost Show
by Robert A. Nelson

Complete show script and described effects as used in Nelson's London Midnight Ghost Show (that originally sold for the equivalent of over $1800.00). More...

The Medium's Scrapbook
by U. F. Grant and Don Tanner

A devilishly clever compendium of séance, spook show and mental effects for the bizarrist, psychic entertainer or haunted house operator. More...

Midway Magic
by Don Boles

The definitive "How-To" book for anyone considering a career as a magician, mentalist, or specialty act in the outdoor field of fairs, sideshows, circuses and carnivals. More...

Mystery of the Gyrating Tables
by Robert A. Nelson

Bob Nelson reveals his famous "Mystery of the Gyrating Tables" presentation, complete with opening lecture. Using ordinary, unprepared tables and no apparatus whatsoever, the tables tip, teeter, wobble and gyrate around the room or stage in the craziest fashion. No stooges or confederates are employed at any time. . .More...

Nelmar's Spirit and Hypnotic Tricks
by Anthony Nelmar Albino

Learn to be a stage or parlor hypnotist and present amazing mind-over-matter miracles!

You can apparently hypnotize people so they cannot whistle until you WILL them to! Or cause your pulse to stop beating! (SIX methods described) And many other hypnotic, spirit and "geek" effects ...More...

Out of the Spook Cabinet
by Herman L. Weber

Learn from a master spook show operator about the REAL way to haunt a theatre with convincing ghost, spook and blackout effects that will scare the YELL out of your audience. More...

The Talking Skull Book
by Lester Lake & T. A. Whitney

Routines, construction ideas and tips for getting the most from this spooky (and fun) classic of magic. More...

Theatre of Blood
by Dr. Doom

Make your next Halloween party or haunted house an event to remember!

Dr. Doom reveals secrets of his Theatre of Blood professional haunted house attraction. Illusions, effects, costuming, makeup, sound effects and more are discussed. Everything you need for a successful and scary house of horrors. Newly revised, with nearly 20 pages of new content, including new sections on merchandising, new scenes and attractions and ... More...

by Gloria Palmer

Here's the TAOM award-winning magic routine for your wife or ghoul friend to perform. Great for ghost shows and Halloween! More...

Within the Dark Circle
by Anonymous & McCarron

Host your own (pseudo) séance with this classic work on trumpet mediumship and spirit circle methods. More...

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