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Nu-Way Out of This World by U. F. Grant Nu-Way Out of This World
by U. F. Grant

Paul Curry's Out of This World is one of the best effects you can do with a deck of cards. But it's not something you can do impromptu. However, with this release by U. F. Grant, all that has changed.

Introducing Grant's Nu-Way Out of This World. A pasteboard miracle where a spectator chooses where to place the cards. Yet at the finish, the red cards are together, as are the blacks. Stunning isn't the word for it.

Take any shuffled deck and deal the cards into two piles. As each card is dealt, the spectator has a free choice in telling you which pile to place each card in. Although they have a free choice to direct you in this action, when the entire deck has been dealt, and each pile turned over, the red cards are all in one pile, and the black cards are in the other pile.

It's as if the spectator had some uncanny power of X-Ray eyes and could see through the cards, so as to know which was red and which black.

Or, better yet, perform it as a demonstration of your superhuman ability to mentally control a spectator's choice from across the table.

Any deck is used. And, believe it or not, no sleight of hand is required. All you need are these instructions.

Format: print book. 12 pages + supplement.
Revised version includes additional chapters, added illustrations and crystal clear text.

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