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Out of This World by Paul Curry
Out of This World
by Paul Curry

Here is a masterpiece of mentalism-flavored card magic where a volunteer spectator blindly and successfully separates the face-down red and black cards from a shuffled deck!

The spectator's progress is monitored part way through the experiment, and is seen to be correct. The suspense builds as the last cards are placed on either the "reds" or "blacks" pile. When the cards are turned over, the cards are indeed in the correct piles.

It looks like an experiment in genuine ESP or mind control, as the spectator's actions are apparently under the mental direction of the performer.

The experts agree that this is one of the most baffling feats that a mentalist or conjuror can present. This is one your audience will talk about for days afterward. Yet surprisingly, this effect is easy to perform.

"The card trick of the century."
      --Dai Vernon

Format: Print book. 15 pages.
Revised edition, with two new chapters, alternative handlings and presentations, plus other new content.

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