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The Nelson Enterprises Manuscript Collection Volume 7 by Robert A. Nelson The Nelson Enterprises Manuscript Collection Vol. 7
By Robert A. Nelson

Psychic entertainers, here are six more mentalism treasures for your collection, from the Nelson Enterprises vault!

Volume 7 contains five mental magic manuscripts from Robert A. Nelson and a bonus: the "Master Memory" stunt, originally released by Bob Sherman. All were featured in the famous Nelson Enterprises catalog, and have been edited and updated for a new generation of performers and audiences. Here's what's included:

  1. Any Spectator Becomes the Mindreader #512 - Mindreading in reverse! A spectator and unbelievable effect wherein any spectator reads the mindreaderís mind! A strictly one-man audience participation mindreading stunt that will leave your audience spellbound!

  2. Three Master Psychic Effects #47 - A rare Nelson manuscript, vanishing from the Nelson Enterprises catalog after issue 6. A trio of mental tests using cards, matches, and dice.

  3. Master Sealed Message Reading Act #33 - A stage or platform effect where question cards, sealed in envelopes, are answered by the mentalist. The message envelopes may then be returned to the spectators, still sealed!

  4. Blindfolded Letter Delivery #46 - A committee decides on a message and address for delivery. This is sealed in an opaque envelope or may be soldered inside a tin can. With no verbal or nonverbal cues whatsoever, the plain envelope is delivered to the recipient by the blindfolded mentalist -- even across town!

  5. Magnetic Experiments #123 - Advertised as "A series of experiments in genuine magnetism to demonstrate your magnetic powers. Strips of ordinary newspapers are used." The editor's notes will give you much food for thought.

  6. BONUS: Master Memory (Sherms) #228 - A bonus effect that's worth as much as the entire collection. You'll want to feature this in your act, or use it as a clever "get ready" stunt prior to the main attraction. You'll like it.

The total value of this information in today's dollars, if you were still able to obtain them, would be nearly $193.50. Now, published in an updated and corrected volume, you get all six together for about the price of a fast-food lunch.

Like the other volumes in the series, each chapter includes an original catalog description and corrected manuscript text for the particular title or effect. Also contains performance notes from B. W. McCarron (author of "The Nelson Enterprises Master Catalog Index").

Fill those holes in your Nelson Enterprises collection by adding this volume to your library.

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