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The Nelson Enterprises Manuscript Collection Volume 6 by Robert A. Nelson The Nelson Enterprises Manuscript Collection Vol. 6
By Robert A. Nelson

Psychic entertainers, here are six more mentalism treasures for your collection, from the Nelson Enterprises vault!

Volume 6 contains six compelling mental magic manuscripts from Robert A. Nelson, William W. Larsen, and R. W. Hull. All were featured in the famous Nelson Enterprises catalog, and have been edited and updated for a new generation of performers and audiences. Here's what's included:

  1. Unique Memory Test — Several spectators shake dice or select cards from a deck. After all have done so, the psychic tells each one the number of cards selected or total of the dice. (NE Cat. #64)

  2. The Abnormal Lift — Three or four spectators lift a seated person with their fingertips. A nice stunt to use in conjunction with Resistance Secrets. (NE #61)

  3. Mental Stunners — Three effects, including Breaking a Cocktail Glass by Thought Waves, Blindfold Cigarette Test, and a swell Magazine Prediction Test (two methods). (NE Cat. #621A)

  4. The Supreme Office Switch — Beyond any question of doubt, the cleverest, one-handed billet switch ever devised. (NE Cat. #220)

  5. Final Houdini Sťance Lecture — Wm. Larsen's captivating lecture about Harry and Bess Houdini's pact to find a means to communicate after Harry's death. Complete lecture with suggested effects. Earn money performing this for civic group luncheons, college campuses, libraries, and more. Sold for the equivalent of $74 when first released. (NE Cat. #304)

  6. BONUS: Mental Discernment (R. W. Hull) — An astounding effect, wherein the performer is able to correctly name a card merely thought of by a spectator. No stooges, special decks, or setups. (NE #347)

The total value of this information in today's dollars, if you were still able to obtain them, would be nearly $159. Now, published in an updated and corrected volume, you get all six together for about the price of a fast-food lunch.

Like the other volumes in the series, each chapter includes an original catalog description and corrected manuscript text for the particular title or effect. Also contains performance notes from B. W. McCarron (author of "The Nelson Enterprises Master Catalog Index").

Fill those holes in your Nelson Enterprises collection by adding this volume to your library.

"Mental Discernment is a masterpiece of thought reading with a deck of cards."   --"Baffles" Brush (Linking Ring)

"Mental Stunners contains some of Bob's favorite mental effects." --David Robbins in "ESP: Fact or Fiction"

"The Supreme Office Switch is perfect." --Karah (quoted in Nelson Enterprises Catalog 22)

Revised and updated PDF of material originally published in 1927, 1930, 1931, 1944 and 1956. Includes reproductions of the Nelson advertisements, plus selected new content. 75 pages plus supplement. ($15 US)

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