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Musson's Magic by Clettis V. Musson Musson's Magic
by Clettis V. Musson

A dozen, practical effects for stage, club and platform from this well-respected author.

Finally, back in print once again!

From the author of "35 Weird and Psychic Effects" comes this fine collection of tried and tested effects that will have your audiences applauding.

Why spend a fortune on your magic effects when you can easily make them yourself at home or on the road for pennies on the dollar?

Partial contents:

  • Supreme Color Change
  • Diabolical Card Location
  • Color Tag
  • The Work of the Spirits
  • The Appearing Pip
  • Genuine Mental Telepathy
  • Balls of Mystery
  • Glass and Needle Trick
  • The Travelling Watch
  • Transposition Extraordinary
  • Mystic Bars
  • The Baffler

"A book of brand new ideas. Each effect a sure-fire sensation." (Anthony Nelmar Albino)

"Among the effects is an excellent laugh routine with watches and a spectator. Also some good card and 'psychic' conceptions." (Tom Bowyer)  

Magic World revised and updated edition features a new chapter and an added illustration.

This book is offered in both digital and print editions.
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