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35 Weird and Psychic Effects by Clettis V. Musson 35 Weird and Psychic Effects
by Clettis V. Musson

Here's a collection of 35 mental and spirit mysteries worthy of performance by any psychic entertainer.

For the performer looking to present something beyond the normal, these (actually 36) effects are ones that you'll find yourself using anywhere people gather.

And if you're called upon to provide seance-worthy demonstrations, the effects described in this book to make you a medium to be reckoned with!

Inside you'll find mental magic with cards, cigarettes, silks and billets, as well as plenty of reputation-makers for the "dark" spirit seance room.

Here's a sampling of the contents:

  • Musson's Mental Card Mystery
  • The Spirit Guide
  • The Four Ace Test
  • Card Reading
  • Super Mental Mystery
  • Name The Card
  • The Sense of Touch
  • Marvelous Memory
  • The Eye-Opener
  • Genuine Thought Transference
  • Pick It Out
  • Sensitive Fingers
  • A Cigarette Test
  • Mind Power
  • Master Memory Test
  • Wands of Nang Pang
  • Outwitting The Magician
  • Itchy Sensations
  • Mind Over Matter
  • Colored Silks
  • Behind The Back
  • Automatic Slate Writing
  • The Circle of Light
  • A Novel Reaching Rod
  • Releasing a Hand (for Seance Work)
  • The Floating Head
  • Musson's Original Spirit Raps
  • Water Drops
  • The Spirit Harmonica
  • Fiery Ghosts
  • The Dead Live On
  • Ghostly Fire
  • Psychic Wind
  • Snowballs From Spirit Land
  • Spirit Help
  • The Spirit Card
  • Luminous Paint
  • And more!

Are you a Nelson collector? This book was listed as No. 137 in the Nelson Enterprises catalog.

"Musson's 'Original Spirit Raps' is perhaps the cleanest, most original method of producing spirit knocks that I've ever come across."
          --T. A. Whitney

"A number of excellent effects."
          --Robert A. Nelson

"A good collection of tricks. There are memory tests, thought transference tricks, chemical tricks and spiritualistic notions. A useful book."
          --George Johnson in The Magic Wand

Revised and updated edition includes two new chapters.

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