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More Lessons in Scripture by Rev. Donald E. BodleyMore Lessons in Scripture
by Rev. Donald E. Bodley

Magic with a message!

A powerful follow-up to Rev. Bodley's first book. Lessons in Scripture. Complete with explanations of tricks and original scripture stories. The introductory chapter alone is a must for all who do Magic.

The trick section includes the Ultra Coin Stand, the Theory of Einstein, Pogo Ball, Flash Paper, Chain Handcuffs, Squaring the Circle, Miniature Pocket Illusion, Elusive Sphere, Prognosto and Sand and Water.

The Scripture lessons illustrate the following: Cleaning House, Within His Love, All Denominations, The Perfect Trick, Chains of Sin, The Big Change, Passing Thru, Gossip Spreads Around, and The Sheep from the Goats.

Magi-Ministers, as they’ve come to be known, may be actual seminary graduates, or they may be of the lay variety. In some instances, they may simply be magicians who felt the call to make a difference in today’s modern world (what with all its troubles and distractions).

No matter what your situation, you will find the material presented here to be solid, practical, entertaining Magic, while holding true to the word of the Gospel.

The word of the Gospel becomes more relevant, especially in the eyes of impressionable young people, when it is conveyed with a sense of Magic and wonder.

This newly revised edition contains a new section on how to build your own "Pogo Ball" effect, which is worth much more than three the cover price to any magician who makes one.

"Once you begin giving your sermonette-demonstrations, you’ll soon find yourself in demand for more performances in and around your community. Don’t be surprised if your reputation travels far and wide, with offers to perform for banquets, Sunday Schools, vacation Bible camps, and parish schools, as well as for various fundraisers." (Leon Haines from the Introduction)

Magic World revised edition includes four added chapters, eight added illustrations, plus additional edits and updates.

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