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Lessons in Scripture by Rev. Donald E. BodleyLessons in Scripture
by Rev. Donald E. Bodley

Perhaps the greatest collection of ideas, tricks, and scripture stories illustrated with magic yet published.

You'll enjoy reading this work on this phase of illustrated magic.

All magicians should have a copy. You do not have to give church or Sunday School performances to make use of these clever routines.

CONTENTS: The Blood of Jesus I Was Only Foolin' The Need for Missionaries Parable of the Mustard Seed The Lord is Risen Indeed The Power of God A Christian Gone Sour Filled with the Goodness of God The Loaves and Fishes Full Armor of God Setting the Example A Little Child Shall Lead Them; and additional chapters on: How Shall I Put a Program Together? Dressing Things Up How Shall I Charge? One More Word.

The original selling price, when first introduced, was the equivalent of nearly $12.00 in today's money.

"If you're a magician who attends church regularly, it usually isn't long before someone will put out the call for a volunteer to help out with Sunday School activities, or to present a special program during a summer Vacation Bible School. Now, with the help of this fine book by Rev. Bodley, you'll be able to do just that." (Leon Haines from the Introduction)

"I urge you to get a copy if you haven't already. Besides the tricks and Scriptural applications, the author gives good advice on how to routine your show, how to fix up your tables, etc., and a simple method for determining what to charge each time you put on a show. This last part alone is worth the cost of the book, and you get many, many good routines besides." (Gene Nielsen)

Magic World revised edition includes three added chapters, plus additional edits and updates.

(See also Rev. Bodley's followup book, More Lessons in Scripture.)

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