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Hummer's Great Discovery by Bob Hummer (Revised Edition)
Hummer's Great Discovery
by Bob Hummer

If you don't own this one, you're overlooking one of the best, easiest and most puzzling impromptu mental mysteries ever devised with a borrowed pack.

From the brilliant mind of Bob Hummer, who brought you Fantastric, Three Pets and A Baker's Dozen Hummers, comes this entertaining and mystifying mental stunt that's a natural for table work.

A spectator secretly counts off any number of cards, selects one and mixes it in the packet, which you now take for the first time. You mix them some more, and then she deals them face down, alternately to you and herself.

She continues dealing until she is left holding just one card. She turns it over and it's her selected one!

Nobody has ever figured it out. May be repeated as often as desired.

No sleight of hand, markings, duplicates or guess work. Work it with a borrowed deck. Highly endorsed by Le Paul, Carl Lyle, Frazee, Lu Brent, and others.

And, get this! Only in this revised and expanded edition do you not only get three presentations for performing this effect, but you also get a fourth routine that allows you to perform this for up to five spectators at once!

Additional ideas and suggestions are also included, making this the most complete version ever offered of this outstanding Hummer mystery.

PDF format. 15 pages + supplement. Revised and updated reprint of the 1939 first edition. Includes five new chapters, important edits, clarifications and updates. ($6 US)

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