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Three Pets by Bob HummerThree Pets
by Bob Hummer

From the brilliant mind of Bob Hummer, who brought you Fantastric and The Whispering Spirit, comes a triple helping of mental mysteries that are as much fun for you to perform as they are for your audience to experience.

One effect uses cards, another coins, and the last uses a single, unprepared die.

  • Personality Test - This is a nice "ice breaker" effect with cards that sets the stage for the mental demonstrations yet to come. Captures your spectator's attention and leaves her hungry to see more.

  • The 'Snappy' Thirteen-Cent Trick - Who knew that thirteen cents could be this much fun? A spectator sets out two nickels and three pennies in any order they wish. While your back is turned (or blindfolded), the spectator turns over as many coins as they want, from heads to tails and vice-versa. They can do it a hundred times, if they wish. They pick one group of coins, either the pennies or the nickels. Somehow, you reveal the coins they selected!

  • The Moon Die Mystery - Hummer's pick of the litter. A spectator thinks of a number from one to six. He then rolls a die which the performer covers with his cupped hand, so that only three sides are visible. The performer really doesn't know which number was selected, but he rotates the die three times and lifts his hand. Without fail, when he lifts his hand, the spectator's chosen number is on top! Can be repeated as often as you like.

Learn them all and you'll never again be caught without something to perform at parties, gatherings, table-hopping, etc.

The only props you need are a deck of cards, thirteen cents, and a die. All items may be borrowed.

"'The Moon Die Mystery' is a stunner for those who like tiptop close-up effects."   —John J. Crimmins, Jr.

"Hummer's latest is 'Three Pets' and as usual, I'm cheering. The first one [Personality Test] is very, very good. [The Snappy 13-cent Trick] is a baffling item that is worth more than the price of the book. 'The Moon Die Mystery' is very clever. These are all excellent."   —Sid Lorraine

Magic World revised edition adds three new chapters, plus additional content.

Note: This title is not included in either of the Hummer compilation books (A Baker's Dozen Hummers or Another Dozen Hummers, available separately).

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