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The Encyclopedia of Mentalism by Robert A. Nelson The Encyclopedia of Mentalism
by Robert A. Nelson

The greatest and most comprehensive book ever writen on mentalism and psychic entertainment. Every phase of its operation is exhaustively treated in detail.

Included is Nelson's own time proven master system of mindreading. Easily applied and workable presentations for all types of audiences and situations are covered, whether it be for a small home group, a mental interlude in your present program or a complete theater or television performance.

Partial contents include a vast array of full stage theater presentations - Radio mentalism - Night club psychic entertainment - Hotel and night club mindreading - Private office reading - Seance work - Ghost shows - Horoscope sales - Mindreading for fun and pleasure - Apparatus and secret devices revealed in word and picture - Methods of famous stage, radio and television mentalists fully explained - Booking the act - Sales of merchandise and books - Advertising and exploitation - Commercial mindreading for profit.

"Let me tell you again how much I enjoyed Miracles in Mentalism and the Encyclopedia of Mentalism. Both are terrific books and a wonderful combination." (Mariana Pezza)

"I have re-read your Encyclopedia of Mentalism three times and each time I become more impressed with its contents." (Bill Larsen, Sr., Genii magazine)

"The Master System of Mindreading as described in your book [the Encyclopedia of Mentalism] is alone worth a thousand dollars to any practical performer." (Wm. A Stevenson)

Magic World revised edition features over 100 corrections and updates.

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