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Dr. Q's Want Ad Test by AlexanderDr. Q's Want Ad Test
by Alexander
(Claude Alexander Conlin)

Here's Alexander's own method of a stage mentalism feat that borders on genuine clairvoyance. You, too, can be "The Man Who Knows!"

A spectator selects a page of classified ads from among several in the newspaper and perhaps a hundred individual ads are cut out. Half a dozen spectators assist by folding the ads in half and placing them on a tray or table. From among the ads, thirteen are selected at random (a true free choice) and each is inserted into a standard drug or coin envelope and sealed. Note that the performer does not assist in the folding, inserting or sealing operation.

The envelopes are handed to a spectator to be mixed or shuffled and one is selected so that no one can possibly know which envelope contains a particular ad. The envelopes are then offered to another spectator and one is selected. Immediately, once the selection is made, the performer or a psychic medium seated on stage, begins to reveal facts about the selected ad ... while it's still sealed inside the envelope! The envelope is torn open and the medium's clairvoyance is verified as correct.

Another sealed ad is picked at random and the medium accurately divines the contents of this one, too!

No stooges, chemicals, electronics, code work, impression devices or one ahead methods are used. The envelopes never go near the medium. And yes, the medium may be blindfolded, and may even be in a different city and communicating by phone or other method.

An amazing entertainment for night clubs, casino floor shows, banquets, corporate events and theatre shows.

PDF format. 12 pages + supplement. Magic World revised and expanded reprint of the 1921 Alexander first edition. (Note: This test also appears in the Dr. Q Book by Alexander.) ($3 US)

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