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Dr. Q's Simplicity Mindreading Act by Thayer's Studio of MagicDr. Q's Simplicity Mindreading Act
by Thayer's Studio of Magic

From the fertile mind of Dr. Q comes this fair and convincing 10-minute act of apparent mindreading. It looks so authentic that you may be tempted to claim genuine psychic powers!

Everything in this 10-minute act is explained in plain English, so even if you're new to performing pseudo-mindreading, you can present these tests and convince most any audience.

Best yet, no hidden gimmics, one-ahead, or secret assistants are used. No chemicals, secret preparations or "instant stooges," either. But still, believe it or not, your audience does most of the work for you.

If you travel frequently, you'll be pleased to know that everything you need can be carried in your breast pocket. No cumbersome apparatus or expensive, fragile props to worry about, either.

Comes complete with introductory and closing lectures, as well as suggested patter to use during the course of the demonstrations.

Can be performed at a moment's notice, yet your audience will long remember you and your apparent telepathic miracles!

"Three masterful psychic stunts from Dr. Q's own routine, complete with patter. Excellent!"

(--Max Holden)

PDF format. 20 pages + supplement. Magic World revised and expanded reprint of the 1944 Thayer first edition. ($5 US)

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