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The Change-Raisers by W. M. Tucker (revised and expanded edition) The Change-Raisers
by W. M. Tucker

Reveals the inside story on how the con artist forces you or a store, or even a bank teller to hand him too much change.

This bit of larceny gains the criminal five, ten, or more dollars each time -- and from a $2 purchase! Also shows how to keep from being shortchanged.

Almost defies detection, and practically works itself.

This is no pie-in-the-sky con. Newspaper and TV stories report that victims of every age and ethnicity are taken in by this technique.

Audiences are hungry for this information, to avoid being "taken." Makes an excellent lecture to provide to banks, stores, senior citizen groups, etc., which can net you honest money by describing the dishonest tricks used by these scammers and outright thiefs.

Written by a professional magician, this reveals every simple move, every detail, step by step, for a number of methods. Can also be used as a magic trick, if you wish.

Original copies of the privately printed manuscript are extremely hard to find. A recent copy sold online for nearly $100!

The purchaser agrees not to use these methods for illegal purposes. Sold for information only.

PDF format. 47 page revised and expanded version of the 1960 first edition. Includes four new chapters and numerous corrections and edits to make the methods easier to comprehend than ever before. ($15 US)

The Change-Raisers is available for purchase at

Note: There is no duplication of the methods described in "Short-Changing" by Penny Ante Jim.


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