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Short-Changing (revised edition) by Penny Ante Jim Short-Changing
by Penny Ante Jim

The classic 1941 treatise on the grifter's short-change con, now available again! Don't let it happen to you!

Short-changing is is used by unscrupulous ticket takers, food vendors, carnival workers, clerks, cashiers -- anywhere that money changes hands. This book contains the "inside dope" on how it works and how to protect yourself from becoming a victim.

Described are various short-changing techniques, including the Bar Room Clip, Carnival and Circus Take and the Bill Slip-Over.

Original copies of this privately printed book are extremely hard to find. A recent copy sold at auction for $150!

Every word has been reset in crystal clear type for easy reading. Illustrations and photographs are now included, including examples of "the work" ready to perform on the next sucker.

The purchaser agrees not to use these methods for illegal purposes. Sold for information only.

PDF format. 25 page revised and expanded version of the 1941 first edition by Penny Anti Jim (pseud.), (C) Joseph Rachun. Numerous corrections and edits now make it easier to comprehend than ever before. Edited by B.W. McCarron, former security consultant and author of "The Gambling Magician". ($15 US)

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