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May 10

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
2007British prime minister Tony Blair announces his resignation, effective June 27.
1996  Fourteen people die when a pair of Marine Corps helicopters collide at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, during a training exercise.
1994Serial killer John Wayne Gacy is put to death by lethal injection at the Stateville Correctional Center in Crest Hill, IL, for the murders of 33 young men and boys.
1985Two-time Indy 500 winner Gordon Johncock announces his retirement from auto racing.
1981Socialist party candidate François Mitterrand wins the French presidential election, beating incumbent Valery Giscard d'Estaing.
1969The American Football League announces plans to merge with the National Football League, starting with the 1970-71 season.
1968The Vietnam peace talks begin in Paris, albeit on a high level.
1940Winston Churchill becomes Prime Minister of Britain, following the resignation of Neville Chamberlain.
1933The Nazis stage massive book burnings in Germany.
1924J. Edgar Hoover starts his job as FBI Director.
1871The Treaty of Frankfurt ends the Franco-Prussian War.
1865Union forces capture Confederate president Jefferson Davis in Irwinville, Georgia, in one of the last acts of the American Civil War.
1818Paul Revere, American patriot known for his horseback ride warning colonists of the British invasion, dies in Boston.
1774Louis XVI becomes King of France.
1534The coast of Newfoundland is sighted by Jacques Cartier.

Born today:

1966  Jason Brooks - actor

1965  Krist Novoselic - rock bassist (Nirvana)

1960  Bono - singer (U2)

1947  Jay Ferguson - singer (Spirit)

1946  Donovan - singer

1946  Dave Mason - guitarist, singer

1946  Jimmy Ponder - jazz guitarist

1945  Graham Gouldman - guitarist, singer (10cc)

1944  Jim Abrahams - screenwriter, film director

1941  Danny Rapp - singer (Danny and the Juniors)

1938  Manuel Santana - tennis player, hall of famer

1938  Henry Fambrough - singer (The Spinners)

1937  Arthur Kopit - playwright

1936  Gary Owens - radio, TV announcer (Laugh In)

1935  Larry Williams - singer

1930  Pat Summerall - football kicker, sportscaster

1921  Nancy Walker - actress

1914  Charles McGraw - actor

1909  Mother Maybelle Carter - guitarist (The Carter Family)

1902  David O. Selznick - movie producer

1899  Fred Astaire - dancer, actor

1899  Dimitri Tiomkin - film score conductor, composer

1730  George Ross, Declaration of Independence signer



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