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June 27

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
2007Tony Blair steps down as British prime minister, and is replaced by Gordon Brown.
2003The US Federal Trade Commission announces a do-not-call list allowing citizens to stop calls frmo most telemarketers.
2002Rock bassist John Entwistle of The Who dies at age 57 in Las Vegas, just one day before the English group was scheduled to tour the US.
1990NASA admits that the Hubble Space Telescope has a flaw that prevents it from taking in-focus photos.
1980Registration for selective service -- the draft -- is revived by US president Jimmy Carter.
1971Rock music promoter Bill Graham closes his Fillmore East auditorium in New York City.
1959After 734 performances, the musical West Side Story ends its Broadway run.
1957Hurricane Audrey hits Louisiana and Texas, killing more than 500 people.
1950Responding to a UN Security Council call for action, US president Truman orders Air Force and Naval assets to Korea, following the invasion of South Korea by its communist neighbor.
1949Captain Video and His Video Rangers debuts on the Dumont TV network.
1884Baseball pitcher Lawrence Corcoran becomes the first person to toss three no-hitters in his career.
1847  Telegraph service begins between New York and Boston.

Born today:

1959  Lorrie Morgan - singer

1951  Julia Duffy - actress

1942  Bruce Johnston - singer (The Beach Boys)

1942  Frank Mills - pianist

1938  Bruce Babbitt - former US Interior Secretary

1930  H. Ross Perot - billionaire, former US presidential candidate

1927  Bob 'Captain Kangaroo' Keeshan - children's TV host

1913  Willie Mosconi - billiards champ

1880  Helen Keller - blind author, teacher


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