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Your Deck, Your Card by Kardyro (Senor Torino) Your Deck, Your Card
by Tony Kardyro (Senor Torino)

Night club performer Tony Kardyro (Senor Torino) reveals his favorite card mysteries in this clever collection.

Drawing heavily from eighteen years' experience in the night club and banquet field, Kardyro created these effects to fill modern day demands for magic, as well as professional demands of the performer.

Some of the effects depend on well-known sleights that are within the capacity of any adept magician. These proven, audience-pleasing effects will prove that you're a master of mystery.

Two of the ten effects, Strange, Very Strange and Two Ace Change were called out by Walter B. Gibson as being "wide departures from ordinary card tricks" as they offered "a new and intriguing solution to the problem of satisfying the more sophisticated spectators."

Here's a sampling of what other well-known magicians have to say about Your Deck, Your Card:

"Gives you ten well thought-out, clean cut card tricks."   --Bruce Elliott

"Several excellent subtleties, that you'll find good use for, appear in 'You Do As I Do' and 'Welcome Home Stranger'."   --John J. Crimmins, Jr.

"Ten items ... all good and several are exceptional. Card trixters are sure to enjoy [this book] and do many of the tricks, many times."   -- Sid Lorraine, Tops magazine review

"Tony's book should be in the hands of every lover of card tricks."   --Eddie Clever in the Linking Ring

Magic World revised and updated edition includes two new chapters, plus important clarifications and updates.

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