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You're On! by Wilbur Kattner (REVISED EDITION)You're On!
by Wilbur Kattner

Here are not one, but TWO, fully routined magic acts that are commercial and different! They work equally well for the one- or two-person show.

Each of the routines is a complete unit, with effects that lead up to a definite climax. Patter, music cues, stage movements and rehearsal suggestions are included.

But that's not all! You also get standalone effects, new wrinkles for established effects, and additional patter and bits of business to add to your show.


  • THE RESTLESS COLORS (Orville Meyer) is a routine on par with "Out Of This World." It is guaranteed to leave magicians and laymen in a daze. It is the ultimate in a non-skill Follow the Leader Routine.
  • THINK! MILK! Water poured from a clear pitcher turns to milk while held by a spectator, although the performer is at a distance.
  • THINK! ICE! Another variation of Think! Ink! Completely detailed.
  • THE STRETCHING EGG INTERLUDE (John Holoubek) is a new departure in egg magic. A complete comedy routine.
  • THE PERFECT PITCH TEST (Kattner) presents a new type of test for mentalists. Thought provoking and mysterious. Nothing to carry and always ready.
  • THE SIEVE OF KAREN is a novel liquid trick. Water is poured into an ordinary sieve and remains there, but when one more drop is added, all gushes through the bottom!
  • AND MORE, including a pair of routines that your audiences will love:
  • Magic in the South American Way presents a Latin magician with an engaging personality, gusto, and brio. Clever magic and smart patter. If you have a JoAnne or Otto card duck, Kattner shows how you can dd it to this routine. Both shows pack small, and produce a maximum effect.
  • The Gay Nineties Routine is a costume piece for a magician and a magigal. There is a magical flirtation, then the magician teaches the girl how to do magic. A definite crowd pleaser.
But don't take our word for it. Read what magicians and reviewers have to say about "You're On!"

"These tricks sound both effective and practical. We believe Mr. Kattner's efforts should prove useful to many magicians."   -- Paul Fleming

"This book is excellent and fills a long felt need"   -- Stuart Robson

"Another plug for Kattner's 'You're On!' Nice ideas, well thought out. A trick that appealed to me is the germ of a brand new principle in 'The Sieve of Karen.'   -- Bruce Elliott

"A better than average value to practical performers. "   -- Dariel Fitzkee in Genii magazine

"A definite sleeper is Holoubek's 'The Stretching Egg' effect. This one is so different, so unexpected, that many audiences will remember this trick longer than they will a costly stage illusion."   -- T. A. Whitney

PDF format. 58 pages + supplement. Magic World revised and expanded reissue of the 1944 first edition, featuring new chapters, illustrations, and important updates and clarifications not included in the original printing. ($4 US)

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