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Wrinkles by Bailey and Osborne Wrinkles
by S. Willson Bailey
and Harold Osborne

A book crammed with professional advice, tips and suggestions on magic with cards, coins, dice, balls, handkerchiefs and other articles. These little extra touches or "wrinkles" will turn your regular "tricks" into "miracles" in the eyes of your audience.

Includes Barton's "Sliding Billiard Ball Box", a "Rising Cards" effect that can actually be taken into the audience, "Coin Finale to the Miser's Dream" and much, much more.



  • The Cloth Finger
  • A New “Kellar” Finger
  • A Method of Rolling Handkerchiefs for Production
  • The Trap-Fold
  • Handkerchief from Paper Tube
  • A Flag Harness
  • A Second Flag Harness
  • The Knotted Handkerchiefs
  • The Handkerchief and Candle
  • The Match and the Handkerchief
  • The Handkerchief and Nested Envelopes
  • The Soup Plates

  • Finale to the “Miser’s Dream”
  • Improved Glass of Water Coin Vanish
  • The New-Era Coin Tray
  • A Spectacular Coin Vanish

  • Barton's Billiard Ball Box
  • An Advanced Billiard Ball Vanish

  • An Effective Card Vanish
  • Marked Cards
  • A New Force 4
  • The Unique Rising Cards
  • Another Rising Cards
  • The Cards Out of the Pocket

  • Fuel for the Fire Bowl
  • The Nest of Boxes
  • The Confetti-Glass
  • The Tape and Rings
  • A Load for Umbrella Flowers
  • The Emergency Dial
  • A New Fish Pole
  • The Vanishing Glass
  • A Single Slate Message
  • Appearing Glass and Lemon


"Full of suggestions and innovations. Should be read by all magicians." —Will Goldston

"The amateur will find a mine of golden magic, and my advice is for you to get a copy as soon as possible. And as for the professional, I do not know of one who could not find at least one hint or suggestion that would not profit him." —Dr. A. M. Wilson in The Sphinx

Revised version includes additional content, a new illustration and scores of edits and updates to make this a modern classic for any conjuror's working library. PDF. 73 pages plus publisher suggestions. A real bargain.



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