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The World's Fastest Card Trick by Joe Karson
The World's Fastest
Card Trick

by Joe Karson

The magician attempts to perform a card trick, with a volunteer assistant from the audience.

For several minutes, everything seems to go wrong. The spectator doesn't look at the card she selects. Trying again, she neglects to put the card back in the deck while the performer attempts to locate it.

This goes on, getting funnier and funnier each time the magician attempts to try "The World's Fastest Card Trick." The audience is in a frenzy of laughter.

An act all by itself, this is a laugh riot for magicians, emcees, comedians, public speakers — anyone who wants a ten-minute laugh-filled piece that audiences will long remember, after the curtain goes down.

All you need is a deck of cards and this book. No stooges.

"This is definitely one of the FUNNIEST BITS OF COMEDY MAGIC I EVER SAW." (Tommy Windsor)

"Your 'World's Fastest Card Trick' SENT ME INTO CONVULSIONS." (Edward Wilkinson)

Format: Printed book. 17 pages. Expanded and corrected version of the Karson Xclusives print edition.

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