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Visions of Tomorrow by Robert A. NelsonVisions of Tomorrow
by Robert A. Nelson

Bob Nelson finally reveals his complete "Diviner of Destiny" one-man Question-and-Answer presentation!

This is a very, very clever and subtle mindreading act that can be performed solo, or with a volunteer assistant (who need not know the secret).

Can be presented anywhere -- even surrounded by an audience if necessary. Especially suitable for tough situations such as for stores, clubs and outdoor work. Exceptionally fine for stage, platform and cruise shows.

Details to be long remembered: The questions are picked from a semi-opaque basket and held at the performer's fingertips, in full view, and are handed to any legitimate spectator, where they remain in full view of the audience until answered.

Once answered, the questions are immediately handed to the original writer, or any other spectator, for verification. The performer actually answers the question just removed from the basket, while it is held by any spectator.

Every move, gesture and phase of the entire presentation is natural, ordinary yet extremely clever. A reputation builder and sensation when properly presented. Ordinary slips of paper and pencils or pens are used and the basket is unprepared. In lieu of a crystal ball, a Book of Inspiration can be used instead as a gazing aid.

The Great Nixon says--"I have been working your Visions of Tomorrow with great success all over the British Isles."

Are you a Nelson collector? This publication was listed as No. 506 in the Nelson Enterprises catalog.

PDF format. 26 pages + supplement. Magic World revised and corrected version of the original 1941 publication. ($8 US)

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