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Vaudeville Hypnotism by David J. LustigVaudeville Hypnotism
by David J. Lustig ("La Vellma")

You, too, can be a stage hypnotist!

A monumental work devoted to the performance of stage hypnotism, written by a close confidant of Dunninger.

Contains not only individual tests, but a complete two-hour show, as well!

Written by an experienced operator (and owner of a stage hypnotic show), this course provides authentic instructions for performing a complete evening's entertainment.

The libraries of many seasoned professionals are incomplete, as they do not have this book in their collection. With this new revised edition, it's priced so reasonably that now virtually any interested magician, mentalist or hypnotist can own it.


  • Inside information, tips and hints on assistants, showmanship, publicity.
  • A Complete Hypnotic Act with introductory speech, patter, stage business, etc.
  • Hypnotic Routine Number Two includes various bits of stage business, as well as condensed synopses of additional stage efects.
  • Hypnotic Tests for Radio with sample newspaper headlines and copy.
  • Publicity and Exploitation Campaign.
  • Another Routine for the Stage. Includes opening lecture.
  • "Framing" the Act
  • Adding Comedy to the Act
  • Showmanship
  • Feature Tests
  • Feature Talk for Radio
  • A Second Radio Broadcast
  • A Third Radio Broadcast
  • A Complete Two-Hour Hypnotic Entertainment with script and detailed dialog.
  • And more!

  "One of the finest works on this phase of hypnotism I have ever seen." (John Booth)

"Should be in the library of every magician who wants to be well posted in all phases of the mystic art. Will enable anyone who possesses showmanship to produce a hypnotic act of any required length." (Walter B. Gibson)

"A valuable source of information. Recommended." (Lloyd E. Jones)

"Packed with material for the hypnotist who wants to stage a show for radio, stage, television, night clubs or auditoriums." (Sid Lorraine)

Magic World revised edition includes a new chapter, plus several updates.

This book is offered in both digital and print editions.
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