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Vaudeville Mind Reading by David J. LustigVaudeville Mind Reading
by David J. Lustig ("La Vellma")

(Revised and expanded edition)

Dunninger's "behind the scenes man," David J. Lustig, describes a whopping twenty mind reading systems, second sight acts and entertaining psychic experiments in this book — each one carefully described in detail.

Learn to be an effective psychic entertainer! The collection includes:

  • Methods of so-called Crystal Gazing
  • A Musical Silent Thought Act
  • A Crystal Gazing Act for Club Entertainers
  • Electrical, Phonetic and Silent Codes
  • The Blindfold Drive
  • The Chess Knight Tour
  • Publicity Stunts
  • Voice Culture
  • Answering Catch Questions
  • and other valuable and instructive chapters.

Includes a supplement entitled "Gambols of the Ghosts" — a complete two-hour presentation, introducing demonstrations in Mysticism, Mental Telepathy, Occultism and kindred, weird and startling Pseudo-Psychic Phenomena, winding up with a novel Crystal Gazing performance. This entertainment will meet the approval of all advanced entertainers, especially the performer who wishes to carry only a limited amount of paraphernalia.

"In my opinion it is one of the best works on mindreading that I have ever read. The material you are offering at the exceptional low price you are asking for the book is amazing."

"Vaudeville Mind Reading is a volume much needed and well handled. Lustig's volume is interesting from cover to cover."
          --H. C. Kleeman, Sphinx magazine

The revised edition of this book comes to hand graced with a new cover design, increase in pages, and increase in material. This revised edition is to be recommended even more so than the original."
          --Dr. Milton A. Bridges, Sphinx magazine review

PDF format. 163 pages. Magic World revised and corrected reprint of the 1929 second edition. Hundreds of corrections and updates make this the best version of this classic mentalist how-to book ever! ($6 US)

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