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by Gloria Palmer

Here's the TAOM award-winning routine for your wife or ghoul friend to perform. Yes, a MONSTROUSLY CLEVER act tailored for you gals.

Uses easily obtainable props, frighteningly funny patter, and even helps you with your makeup, costuming and presentation.

No difficult sleights . . . just the act you've been dying to do . . . (yes, you Draculas can do it, too!)

Aside from the routine and script from Vampira's act, you also get some great magic to use in the show.

One item in particular we recommend is the wilting lily (or rose) effect. The book provides complete instructions for you to make your own wilting flower that's just as good as the one that your dealer charges $50 for.

Makes an outstanding "something extra" for your next Halloween party, or for your community public movie night.

And should you be in the market for a main attraction for your own Midnight Ghost Show, you'll find none finer than Vampira to serve as the main act (the one immediately before the blackout).

Or have Vampira serve as the "hostess with the mostest" who emcees the show and provides comedy and continuity.

"A clever act. Cleverly routined, with music and makeup suggestions. A real novelty in magic!" (John Braun)

"Buy! You'll appreciate the cleverness, the all-around quality of production and presentation and originality." (Lloyd E. Jones)

"Pass this page along to your wife if she is a Magigal or has theatrical ambitions. Tricks, illusions, costume, makeup and appropriate music are covered. Two photos of Gloria as "Vampira" and numerous line cuts make the midnight magic clear." (Milbourne Christopher)

Magic World revised edition features two new chapters plus more new material. Edited by T. A. Whitney.

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